Weekend Getaway: Quebec City

Pack up your Jeep and head North. Head north up 93, through the forests of New Hampshire, beside the great gray wall of Mt. Canon, beneath the snowy crowns of the Presidentials. Head North.


Cross over into Vermont and cross the border into Canada toward Montreal and then head North to Quebec City.


There is only one place to stay, Chateau Frontenac. It is a majestic hotel of soaring roofs and turrets, with incredible views of the Saint Lawrence River. With its wonderful interiors, spacious historic but modern rooms, restaurants, and pool; you need never leave the hotel, but you should.


The city is the best of French Canadian culture; wonderful restaurants, quaint shops, interesting bookshops, fragrant cafes.


The city is even more magical at night, and romantic off season. Sure it’s cold, but that makes it more intimate; bring books and a blanket to snuggle under. Buy parkas as big and deep as sleeping bags with fur-lined hoods, and wander the city as the snow falls lazily.


Once you experience this place, share it with your love, internalize it together, it will live inside you. You will miss it when you leave, yearn for it like faraway family. You will long for sights, tastes, smells that are only there; wafting coffee, caramel eclairs, crepes, the ice flows on the Saint Lawrence. It’s a pleasant haunting, and it’s permanent.


All photos by the author.Β 

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