Things Everyone Should Know How to Do


There are some things that are essential for everyone to know how to do; to save your life, to be a more well-rounded person, or to just be helpful. Here they are in no certain order.

  1. Change a tire – Everyone should know how to do this. AAA may not always be available or you may need to get off of a road quickly. As with anything, there is a trick to this and the trick is to loosen the lug bolts before you raise the vehicle. You do this by putting the lug wrench on each of them and standing on it until the bolts loosen. There is no need to wrestle with it.
  2. Sew on a button – Or any minor repair, really. Learn to sew, make do and mend. A fine garment can be maintained for many years; buttons, seams, small tears and holes. These are badges of honor and contain your history and the garment’s. Always have a sewing kit close by.
  3. Change a Baby – This is one of the most intimidating things to new parents, but it shouldn’t be. Learn how to do it and you will be helpful to them and your other relatives. This is a useful and helpful skill for everyone.
  4. Fight – Yes, this is something that you should be able to talk your way out of, compromise your way out of, or call the police for, but sometimes, when your safety is on the line, you should know how to handle yourself and this goes for everyone. Of course, fighting is a last resort.
  5. Cook a Few Meals – Once again, this is an essential survival skill. You should have a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner; a couple of dishes. Learn how to do them expertly, even if they’re simple, and people will appreciate it.
  6. Basic Home Repair/Maintenance – Can you fix a crack in the wall, paint a wall, fix a garage door, secure a step, fix a hinge, shave a door? You shouldn’t need to call a handyman or the super for the little things, and in the case of the former, you will go poor if you do. Be self-sufficient; there are many YouTube videos to guide you.
  7. Spelling/Grammar – For clarity, to express yourself with specificity; you should know the difference between “It is” and “it’s,” “Your” and “you’re,” “They’re” and “their,” you get the idea.

Is there anything that I have missed? Tell me in the comments. If you like this blog, please subscribe, like it, and tell your friends. Thanks!

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