Still Wearing Braces


The Author in His Office Wearing Braces by Brooks Brothers.

I am a fan of braces. The make a man look commanding and ready for anything. A bit of color, a stripe or pattern, make them slightly less formal. Many people call them “suspenders” here in the US, but I like to make a distinction between the clip-on type and those made with leather that buttons onto one’s trousers. Those are braces to me.

I buy many of my suits from Cordings; their City Suits, because they are very well made, are of substantial weight, and drape magnificently. Their suits only pair with braces; there are no belt loops, and so this has become a part of my personal style.

What do you think of braces? Do you wear them? Have you had your tailor sew buttons onto your trousers for them? Let me know in the comments.

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