The Allure of Libraries

I am obsessed with libraries, and this obsession is entirely separate from my obsession with books. There are few things as intriguing as the arrangement of the spines of books, in cases, in a beautiful setting. So many titles, colors, possibilities. There is a sense of history and how many people have read those books and have been inspired by them. There is also a sense of discovery; never knowing what title you may find next, page through, and be introduced to something you have never thought before.


The Reading Room at the Boston Public Library. 

Libraries are more than the books. I enjoy going through random books searching for the ephemera you find there: a love letter, a shopping list,  some notes, someone’s secrets. These remnants of the people who have read them are so interesting, so informative of the people’s inner lives. These are hints at the unvarnished truth, like finding a diary open to the best part.

I also like the architecture. The more Gothic and dramatic the better. When I travel, I look for libraries, new places, new forms.


Maison de la Littérature Library




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