Necessary Things: Tweed Suit.

Politicians and business men wear Power Suits. These are usually navy or gray, often chalk-striped and paired with white dress shirts and red power ties. I submit to you that is not a power suit; that’s the sartorial equivalent of khakis and a button-down. It’s what everyone wears.

Do you want to look powerful, confident, be an individual? Then go for Tweed.  Really want to stand out, then add a waistcoat. Three pieces finish the look.


The Author in Tweed

The three piece Tweed suit looks like an archetype. It is the suit of academics, bankers, and explorers. It is the suit for Lairds, Country Squires, and English hunters. It has the look of the outdoors, but coupled with a civilized cut. When Aleister Crowley climbed K2, he did it in a Tweed suit. When Indiana Jones was in the classroom teaching archeology, he did it in a Tweed suit. What will you do in one?

I wear mine on weekend adventures; strolling through the Museum of Fine Arts, or along Bellevue Avenue in Newport. I wear it to the office where I am happy to have the pockets for my reading glasses.

Do you want the look? I recommend, as I often do, Cordings! They rarely go on sale, but sometimes they do. The good thing about Cordings is that they always have the same Tweeds and so you can build your suit one piece at a time. Start with the Jacket.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of Tweed. Do you like mine pictured above?

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