Dare to Wear Red

There are few things as audacious as red pants. It is a clear sign that you are confident, you know what you like, and you may not always play by the rules.  Red cuts through the crowd, contrasts with a sea of khaki; you cannot sink into the shadows when you are wearing the brightest color in the crowd.


The author in Cordings Red Chinos in front of Turner’s masterpiece. 

When you think of red pants where I live, in Massachusetts, you think of Nantucket Reds from Murray’s Toggery in Nantucket. That is a distinctive faded red, almost pink. However, there are many shades of red. As much as I love our unofficial State color pants, I prefer a deeper red; the type of red pants that you see in England. I prefer the ones from Cordings.


The author in Nantucket Reds in Philadelphia

And then high summer rolls around and nothing looks better with a blue blazer than a faded pair of reds.

Why choose? Buy both.

Want the look?

Murray’s Toggery: Nantucket Red Collection

Cordings: Cordings Dark Red Chinos

Cordings Summer Red Chinos

Pro tip, a couple times per year, in spring and autumn, Cordings has a buy one pair of trousers and get one at 1/2 price. Sign up for their emails and wait for the sale. It makes the shipping cost worth it.



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