The Romance of a Barbour Jacket

People love their Barbour jackets and it’s easy to see why. Barbour jackets are like old reliable friends. If you’re out in the rain, it will shield you. Need protection from the cold and damp and it is there for you. Get your truck stuck in the mud and need more traction? Put your Barbour jacket under the wheel and get out of the hole; take it home and hose it off and it is none the worse for wear. True story.


The author in Portsmouth, NH

Barbours have the smell of the wax and oils used to infuse them with breathability and waterproof qualities. This coating makes them tough, impregnable. If you get a stain, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. The coating makes them nearly impossible to snag or rip, so they are great for walking the dog or hiking. Over time, it will wear off, after years; but this will give it a unique quality, worn in to the way you move, wrinkling in the perfect spots, fading by the elbows, from where you keep your keys. After time, no two Barbours are alike.


The author in Port Gaverne, Cornwall

Of course, you can always send your Barbour back to them to get re-waxed, but where is the fun in that?


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